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Towels are an absolute essential when it comes to keeping us dry and clean. Whether for your household use or any hotel purpose, towels are essential for daily use purpose.

To keep detailed attention to the bathroom details, you need to have the hand towels uk. Be it in your home or in a hotel set up, it is important to give your guests a very clean and comfortable ambiance. However, if you have frequented guests coming to your home, cheap towels are a good option. However it is also important to look at the quality of the towels.


 Going to a towel sale is a good chance to look at the variety of options but what if you could find all the choices you need, right from the comfort of your home? Linens Factory offers you factory priced towel sets, helping you choose the towels you need.


So how do you know which towels to buy finally? Apart from the look, it is equally important to look for the material which will last longer. Common sense states that better quality towels will be highly priced - fortunately, you can get your hands on high quality towels at a cheap price here.

High thread count is the basic property to look for in the towels. Generally, higher the thread count, higher is the price of the towel. Egyptian cotton towels are the best of the lot and lasts on a longer time than the other quality cheap towels available. They are generally measured in GSM (that is grams per square meter), it determines the fabric weight. Also, the best quality towels have more moisture-sucking loops which are in the Egyptian cotton towels and also in the pima cotton towels. The high-end spas and hotels use both these top quality towels. They have a luxurious and plushy feel along with ultra-soft texture which makes them the best option for multi star hotels.


What's on offer?


Hand Towels 500 GSM Hotel Quality, Hand Towels 400 Gsm Hotel Quality, Hand Towels 650 Gsm Hotel Quality are some of the top hand towels uk to be used for hotel purpose. They range from £2.24 and £4.16.


The other Egyptian cotton towels are Supreme Hand Towels 480GSM, Hand Towels 500 GSM Classic and Hand Towels 600 GSM Super Luxury which have a price of £2.64 to £3.48.


Although most of the time the towels remain underappreciated, linen factory towels and their varieties will definitely make your guests love them!

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