Welcome to our online store!

Order & Returns

Your satisfaction is our top priority and we always try our best to make you feel so. However, if you find any imperfect service and product of ours, we will also try our best to keep you satisfied.

In any case, if you feel unsatisfied with delivered item, please remember that you should return the item within 2 weeks since the delivery date. www.linensfactory.co.uk holds no liability to pay the return cost. A delivery method with tracking code is strongly recommended since both you and our company can have a valid proof of delivery. Please send us complete details about this returned item immediately so we can process your enquiry.   

Damaged and Faulty Items

If any damaged or faulty items delivered to you, please return it back to us within 1 week since the delivery date. A replacement will be sent immediately to you once we get the item. Please contact us through phone if this case happens. A complete details is also needed (including photo) so we can determine the damage level. 

Incorrect Items

In case you get an incorrect good which you never ordered, please phone or send us e-mail so we can determine specific date to send the correct goods. 

Please remember, that we will not process your returned items if you have removed them from their package, unless you get the items in that condition. 

Cancelling Your Order

An order cancellation can be requested before item shipping. A complete refund will be also given to you if you put the request before item shipping. However, if the item has been shipped, you should tell us immediately through e-mail. We should say sorry since we don’t accept any phone call for this case and refund will not be processed.


  • Enter the billing last name and email/ZIP as in the order billing address.
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